GIC proudly launches the Center of Excellence on Education, Language & Literature

By: 600008 On: Jan 24, 2023, 4:47 AM

Dr. Mathew Joys, Las Vegas
The Global Indian Council, a recently established global network of the Indian Diaspora based in the USA, launched its first meeting of the Center of Excellence on Education, Language & Literature (GIC-CoE-ELL) in a Zoom meeting on January 21st, 2023. The CoE met for the first time after GIC's launch in July 2022, for the purpose of assigning duties to its officers.  The Center, with a unifying vision to gain excellence in language, literature, and education, catering to a cultural cavalcade with eminent personalities under the leadership of the global cabinet.  The Center will be chaired by Dr. Prof. Kurien Thomas former Principal of Bishop Moore College, Mavelikkara, Kerala an affiliated college with the University of Kerala.
Objectives of the Center is briefed as: (1) Strive for promoting value-based education in all disciplines for Indian adolescents and youth to ensure peace, pleasure, and prosperity in the communities they serve in the world. (2) Facilitate the improvement of language and literature skills in the Indian diaspora and promote the usage of Indian mother tongues among the Pravasi communities. (3) Promote viable and challenging educational tools and publish study materials and research reports for the sustainability of cultural heritage.
The meeting started on an optimistic note with a prayer song by Prof. Abraham Varghese. Global Treasurer Dr. Tara Shajan welcomed everyone and moderated the ceremony diligently. 
Global President PC Mathew addressed the members reiterating the ultimate goal of GIC by establishing a comprehensive global network of people of Indian origin to promote peace and profound happiness, ensuring universal brotherhood for the benefit of India and the world. "The Center will be a powerful tool, as words can change a person's life, community, or even planet. Global Indian Council will be different from other organizations as we are here to give back to the community with our instilled passion. Especially education is a nourishing tree to the peak of excellence". Mr. Mathew said.
Dr. Prof. Kurien Thomas gave an inspirational Presidential address highlighting the core values and visions. He emphasized the significance of utilizing the credentials of scholars for the betterment of our world and to build a better tomorrow for our future generations.
GIC Global General Secretary Sudhir Nambiar stated that both education and literature have the power to transform individuals and the society, and when used in conjunction they can create a truly enlightening and enriching experience.
Felicitations by GIC Global Vice President Prof. Joy Pallattumadom, and Mr. Tom George Koloth, GIC Global Associate Treasurer and Chairperson of the CoE Cinema & Visual Media (Red Carpet) echoed the importance of GIC-CoE-ELL as a backbone of the Indian Council. This was followed by a self-introduction of members, including Co-Chair Prof. KP Mathew, Prof. Dr. Deepak J Mathew, Andrews Kunnumparambil, and CoE members Dr. Ramesh Elamon Namboothiri, Prof VC John, Abraham Varghese, Dr. Minu Sara Thomas, Prof Varghese Mathew, and Subin Sebastian. 
Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Jija Madhavan Harisingh, Media Chair Dr. Mathew Joys, and other leaders such as Tirlok Malik, Dr. Anu Jossan, Dr. Miland Thomas Themalil, Narayana Janga, Sanu Zak, Jaisy George, Usha George, Dr. Muhamad Ismail, and Shami Jacob blessed the meeting with their wishes and support. A melodious song by Mr. Subin Sebastian added cheerfulness to the forum. 
Dr. Remesh Elamon thanked all those who attended this pioneering meeting and encouraged everyone to collaborate and make the utmost benefit of our skills for the betterment of our world. Also, he had invited the leaders to visit his ancient mana which is older than 1000 years, in Kerala. This meeting focused on ice-breaking and getting to know each other to benefit as a group. The goals and programs for this year will be discussed later in the upcoming meeting. The meeting ended with the National anthem led by Prof. Abraham Varghese. With this powerhouse of talented scholars upholding excellence in global education, language, and literature, GIC aims to build a better world for all.