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News by : Dr. Mathew Joys, GIC Global Media Chair
New York: The Global Indian Council, a global network of the Indian Diaspora based in the USA, had organized its first Chapter in Kenya, Africa. The meeting was held on the Zoom platform to announce the formation of GIC Africa, which is another stepping stone in its growth since its official inauguration on July 30, 2022, by Atlanta Consul General Dr. Swathi Kulkarni. The Global General Secretary, Mr. Sudhir Nambiar, gave his appreciation for the new officials, members and welcomed all the guests who attended from different countries.
The meeting was presided over by its Founding Global President, PC Mathew, along with Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Jija Madhavan Harisingh, Founding Cabinet Officers such as General Secretary Sudhir Nambiar, Treasurer Dr. Tara Shajan, Associate Treasurer Tom George Kolath, Media Chair Dr. Mathew Joys, and other leaders such as Tirlok Malik, Raj Singh, Sunith John, Dr. TP NarayanKutty, Shaimi Jacob, Ms. Preethy Pynadath, etc.
The occasion was held on the auspicious day of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Mr. Mathew quoted King's words, "Show me where a man spends his time & money, and I will show you his God." Mr. Mathew continued, "We are spending time and money for the organization though we do not consider it our God; it became our close friend, and not able to get out of its friendship. By having potential leaders across the countries, we build a great friendship, and what we can't do alone, we can fulfill together for the benefit of the society." He also appreciated the leaders such as Dr. Jija Madhavan Harisingh, Tom George Kolath, and Adv. Sherry Yohannan, Dr. Mohan Lumba, etc. who put tremendous efforts to form the Chapter in such a key location of the Continent.
The GIC Africa Chapter is officially announced its formation on January 16 2023 on the Auspicious Martin Luther King day and General Secretary Sudhir Nambiar made the official declaration by reading the appointed officer's name, and Tom Kolath, GIC Global Associate Treasurer and Chairperson of the Center of Excellence Visual Media aka Red Carpet, introduced each of the officers in detail with their vast experience and professional achievements. Dr. Tara gave a short preview of the formation of the Chapter in Africa and narrated some of the memorable highlights and importance of the great African Continent.
The enormous participation of GIC Cabinet, Executive and Chapter members from different continents were notable and been appreciated by the Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Jija Singh who was potential in the formation of the Chapter.
Dr. Mathew Joys, GiC Global Media Chair proudly emphasized that on this auspicious day of celebrating Martin Luther King Day, just like the legend said, Global Indian Council will also have a similar dream to take action to give back to the community. Dr. Adv. Yamini Rajesh greeted the new members of the Africa Chapter. Following are the officers of the Chapter:
1)Dr. Mohan Lumba (Nairobi, Kenya): President
2)Dr. Priyanka Patel (Nakuru, Kenya): Vice President
3)Adv. Sherry Yohannan( Nairobi, Kenya): General Secretary 
4) Remesh Ramachandran (Lusaka, Zambia): Associate Secretary 
5) Jimmy Camlesh (Guinea Bissau, West Africa): Treasurer
6) Mathews Pulickan (Nairobi, Kenya): Associate Treasurer 
Several other GIC officials, Mr. Ram, Mr. Turlok Malik NY, Mrs. Preety, Shaimmi Jacob, Sangeeta Dua (Huston), and Sunitha John, complimented and congratulated the Africa Chapter Officials. 
Tom George expressed a vote of thanks to every one who coordinated this event; and elaborated on the “I Have A Dream” theme to be carried out to fulfill it.
Finally, Dr. Mohan Lumba and Sherry Yohannan thanked the Global Indian Council global leaders and promised to prepare for the upcoming Inauguration Ceremony of “The GIC Africa Chapter“ and assured that the Chapter would strive to promote the Vision and Mission of GIC and its Fraternity. The official inauguration and oath administration will be followed in a grand event shortly, with the participation of diplomats and dignitaries from Africa and across the world.
Dr. Tara Shajan, the Global Treasurer, managed the event with utmost diligence and dignity; her narration on the highlights of Africa was commendable and well-appreciated.