MINTA ROSE SANTY, a young Malayali woman, has secured the fourth rank globally

By: 600008 On: Jun 26, 2024, 10:33 AM

Report by: Dr.Mathew Joys
Plavan International Medical University is a famous university in Europe that was established in 1974. It is based on a former local hospital that was established in 1865. 
A young Malayali woman, Minta Rose Santy, ranked fourth globally, out if the One hundred seventy-one young medical doctors from 16 countries Italy, India, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Finland, Canada, Bangladesh, Ireland, Pakistan, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Iraq, Netherlands, and Zimbabwe completed their studies at the graduation ceremony held last week in Bulgaria-Plavan. 
Minta Rose Santi, a native of Kothamangalam, has achieved the rare feat of honors and fourth rank. This is also a proud moment for Malayalis all over the world. This young doctor is the daughter of Kothamangalam Thekilakat Kudumbayogam Secretary, Global Indian Council Ambassador, and Director of Thodupuzha Global Indian Public School Mr.Santy Mathew Madappattu. Mother Lovely Santy, Siblings – Linta Maria Santy (Engineer – Bank Officer in Switzerland) and Emmanuel M Santy (IT Student – Canada), who completed 6 years of studies and graduated with Honors, Minta is also the winner of the “Best Student of the Year” award of the University 2023. Also, Minta Rose has become the First in Asia and the fourth winner globally.
Father Santy Mathew and mother Lovely Santy attended the graduation ceremony held last week at Bulgaria. University Rector Prof. Dr. Dobromir Dimitrov honored the Honors graduates with special prizes. He also congratulated other successful young doctors. In his speech, he emphasized that medical ethics should always be preserved.
Minta’s meticulous accomplishment is also a proud moment for Malayalis all over the world.